The traffic analogy of investments

One of the best ways to think about an investment is to see it as a vehicle that gets you from home to work. Now, a lot of people simply think, “Okay, which investment is going to get me there the fastest without crashing?” Right? In other words, is it going to yield a pretty…

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The Gentle Practice of Reiki

The Gentle Practice of Reiki Reiki is a gentle, therapeutic modality that originated in Japan to promote stress reduction and relaxation for the natural healing of the body. Reiki is a technique centered on the placing of hands on or above certain areas of the body to release blocked energy, which creates the body’s own…

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What a Government Shutdown Means

  What the Government Shutdown Means A historical perspective for investors In the three weeks leading up to the U.S. government shutdown, many economists suggested that the markets had already priced in such a scenario, but others were not so sure. And it’s really hard to tell because the S&P 500 leapt 2.6% in the…

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