Life Events

What We Take for Granted

Daily family life means the mortgage gets paid…clothes and groceries are bought…and summer vacations are taken with family and friends. All this is part of what many of us take for granted every day of the week. However, there are two important financial factors that have a great impact on today’s family life. First, in order…

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Remarriage: Altering Your Financial Plan to Meet Your Needs

In previous generations, husband’s traditionally handled the family finances. While this arrangement may have worked well during the husband’s lifetime, the consequences of the wife’s lack of involvement in the family’s finances often became clear after her spouse died. Today, more women are actively directing the outcome of their personal finances, and for good reason.  …

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Is It Time to Refinance?

Over time, mortgage rates fluctuate. Depending on where rates currently stand, now may or may not be a good time for homeowners to consider refinancing their mortgage. How can you determine whether it makes sense at any given point to refinance your mortgage? In the past, if the current interest rate was 2% lower than…

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How Trusts Can Benefit You and Your Family

How Trusts Can Benefit You and Your Family Many people perceive trusts as a complex subject better left to their attorney. As a matter of fact, they often think trusts are available only to the wealthy. However, when stripped of all the “bells and whistles,” a trust can be viewed as simply a written contract…

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Does an “ARM” Have a Leg to Stand On?

Does an “ARM” Have a Leg to Stand On? For home buyers, and for homeowners who are considering refinancing, trying to decide whether to seek a fixed or an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) can be a bit puzzling. The main attraction of ARMs is that they typically start off with a lower interest rate than…

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Beyond the “For Sale” Sign

Beyond the “For Sale” Sign Selling Your Own Home Have you ever thought of putting your home on the market and selling it without a real estate broker? Selling your own home may sound simple–put up a sign, then wait for buyers to call. Putting up a sign, however, is only one of many actions…

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Cleaning Tips for Your Financial House

Cleaning Tips for Your Financial House Is your financial house in order? Take the time to spruce it up. Here is a Top Ten list to make the task orderly and worthwhile. Establish a regular maintenance program. Decide who’s number one. If you haven’t done so previously, set up a budget. Make “paying yourself first”–putting…

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The Last Social Taboo

Sometimes we see, hear, or talk about money in our relationships.

In the last 4 months, we’ve really broken through a lot of the social taboos. When I was growing up, I was taught never to talk about sex, politics or religion in social gatherings. Those walls have been broken through if not trampled upon. But there is one conversation that people are very hesitant to…

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