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Don’t Dance Around Your Financial Questions

Marriage & Money - Groom dancing while best men look on with concern. Narrated video explains what you can do to make sure really have something to dance about.

Planning for your finances doesn’t have to wait until after marriage. Marriage & Money: Planning Your Forever After workshop addresses the #1 stressor for married couples. Hear from a Financial Planner, Estate Planning Attorney, and couples psychologist to address what you need to know about the big picture when it comes to finances.

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Marriage and Money — Planning Your Forever After™

Marriage and Money - Planning Your Forever After™ Poster

Countless surveys have shown that money is the primary source of stress in relationship, and it’s no wonder!  Most couples receive little to no guidance around important financial questions before they tie the not! How does each spouse value money?  How do they make decisions? How do their retirement goals and strategies compare and integrate?…

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