Let’s address one of the fears parents may have about buying the Marriage & Money course for newlyweds: “How do I know this gift won’t sit on a shelf?” There are three reasons why you don't have to worry about that happening.

This course isn't like a Cuisinart that sits on a shelf somewhere. A Cuisinart is needed at specific times only. As are the salad tongs, the guest bedding, and the set of burnt-orange bath towels. When you're addressing how people can have deeper conversations about money and make better decisions together, it's always the right time.

First, you're giving this course as a wedding gift. A wedding is a major life event that leaves a permanent stamp on everyone's memory. Accordingly, the gifts don't go unnoticed. Etiquette prescribes thank-you cards, and sentiments typically run along the lines of, "Thank you for this course; we look forward to using it." Most recipients take that opportunity to actually go online and at least look start looking at the material in our course.

Second, your gift recipients are people you probably see or talk to, in some capacity, on a semi-regular basis. It's just human nature that when they connect with you, they'll be silently reminded to take a closer look at your gift to them.

Our online course addresses many financial issues, including:

  • Understanding cash flow and its sibling, budgeting.
  • Building net worth.
  • Identifying false assumptions about money.
  • Buying a house.
  • Receiving a raise.
  • Saving for emergencies.
  • Planning for a realistic retirement.
  • Pursuing continuing education as adults.
  • Choosing a financial advisor.
  • Evaluating investments.
  • Having difficult conversations.
  • Identifying values.
  • Connecting values to decisions.
  • Understanding how emotions affect decisions.

We're confident that one or more of these items will come up in the first year or two of marriage!

We realize that if you gift the Marriage & Money course for your couple before their wedding, they won't look at it until after the honeymoon. It would be great if they did, but they likely won't. That hasn't escaped us. So we see this as an opportunity to help them when they need us most: in the beginning of their real life together. From combining bank accounts to buying a house, there's a variety of reasons why our program would relate to a marital discussion, even if it's early days. And once a couple understands the importance of educating themselves, they then can start down that road toward better conversations and decisions.

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How did the Marriage and Money: Planning For Forever After program start? Roderick Givens describes the need for real life money talks for engaged and recently married couples. Beyond the Dave Ramsey and Suzie Orman money programs - some couples need more details, insight, and perspective that addresses both parties who may not have debt management issues. Instead of personal finance - this program focuses on partnership finance with communication and behavioral embedded to address the #1 source of stress among adults.

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Marriage and Money is a consortium of licensed, certified, and experienced professionals related to the education of couples regarding finances, communication, and the legal aspects of marriage. Program speakers may include, but are not limited to: financial planners, family mediators, family law attorney's, marriage therapist & counselors. Speakers do not share fees nor offer exclusive arrangements for program participants outside of the Marriage & Money: Planning For Forever program.

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