Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this different?

There are no programs (that we are aware of) that partner financial planners, estate planners, and therapist on money anxieties without selling an investment/insurance product.   We are giving you the proverbial peek behind the curtain so you can ask the right questions of your professionals, have an integrated message, and in a positive environment.

Isn’t this just a disguised sales pitch?

Our goal is simply to expose the components of financial planning and effective communication. We are not selling investment or insurance products. The pitch is to expose the moving parts, understand it, create it, or potentially work with professionals that can assist you.

What do attendee’s receive?
  • A Value System worksheet
  • Sample Cash Flow statement
  • Net Worth Statement
  • A Guide to an effective Financial Planning
  • 10 Things to expect out of your financial advisor/planner
  • 4 Estate Planning legal documents that most couples need in marriage
  • 5 things your Bank doesn’t want you to know
  • List of Resources most used by recently married Couples

The Value of the is workshop can be significant. Our goal is to be the most valuable wedding gift.

Can't I get this content for free?

Free advice from your family & friends is the reason we created this workshop – no offense to your favorite Uncle or Aunt. We are credentialed professionals who work in our respective field. On average, we charge +$200/hour or more each for our time so the rate is simply combining these into one session. Instead of offering this for free with the expectation that you will become clients, we are charging a reasonable rate for an integrated message on financial planning for couples. If you decide to work with one or all of us, that is great but the current price is (ad free) version because we hate listening to sales pitches too. Also, we’ve found a strong inverse relationship between the price and the attendee cancelations.

100% Money back guarantee?

We fully expect to meet your expectations with this workshop. If you are not satisfied with arrangements, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

What if I'm not able to attend?

You will have the opportunity to apply your funds to another session. Please note these classes are offered at least monthly throughout the year.

Are both parties required and expected?

While it the full value is realized by both parties attending. We do not have a price for single individuals.

How is this different than marriage counseling?

We actually developed this program from the feedback from counseling and therapy community. We delve a little deeper into the financial and legal aspects than typically offered in marriage counseling regarding budgeting and debt management.

What products are you selling?

No investment products/insurance will be discussed. Our value is our advice and addressing decisions that most likely for married couples. Like a test prep course, we can’t guarantee what your need but we can approach how to various challenges you may face.

Can I add this to our wedding registry?

Yes. Use this link. Note: tickets to the workshop bought for other people will be considered a completed gift and should be recognized as such for tax and legal purposes.

Do you have to be engaged or currently married to attend?

No but several legal aspects are addressing community property which only applies to married couples.

Are recordings available?

We expect to have this available later this year. However a huge advantage is the live interactive workshop that allows couples to ask questions of the professionals, hear from other couples, and work on skills in a positive environment.