Money is the #1 Source of Stress for Couples

But it doesn't have to be!

Surveys have repeatedly shown money is the primary source of stress in relationships, and it’s no wonder—most couples receive little to no guidance around important financial questions before they tie the knot! Even a few basic conversations can help prepare couples to talk about finances as a unit. We go beyond the basics to help couples plan for forever after (without the stress and fighting!).

More than just budgets and joint bank accounts


Marriage and Money puts couples on the same page, introduces financial planning as a holistic concept, and gives hands-on, easy-to-implement tools for creating their Financial Happily Ever After.

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The Marriage & Money course incorporates the missing financial piece to help couples make better financial decisions and alleviate some of the stress and tension associated with money conversations.

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The goal of the Marriage & Money course is to help couples have better conversations, more realistic planning, and better decisions regarding money.

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